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先日、アルバイトで Shopify の既存の古い API を利用した特定のコードにバグがあるようで、それを修正してほしいという仕事をしていたのだが、API のリファレンスが検索しても全く見当たらず見当もつかなかったので、その際にサポートチームと英語でチャットをした。普段英語の文書を読んだりはするが、ビジネスチャットはあまりした事がなかったので、今後の成長のためにも記録に残しておく。

17:02 Ellis R: Hey there, Ellis here from Shopify! Feel free to ask your question and I'll be right with you! :)
17:02 Roki: Hi,
I am looking at the document about the cart object, but I can not find a document about cart.general. where can I find documentation for cart.general?
Thanks for your help.
17:02 Ellis R: I'll take a look and see if we can get that documentation on it :)
17:03 Roki: I appreciate your cooperation.
17:05 Ellis R: Hmm yeah not sure where that document is. This is all I see on our end - I'll keep digging. Just out of curiosity what is it you're trying to complete using these attributes? :)
17:08 Ellis R: Its appears as though there isn't a cart.general weirdly enough, I'm not seeing any information on it.
17:10 Roki: There is a bug in which cart quantity does not change even if I execute cart.general.update | t in existing code, and I am trying to fix it.
17:11 Roki: I apologize if my English isn't very good.
17:12 Ellis R: Hmmm ok. Would the cart.item_count perhaps be what we're looking for? Strangely it seems as though there is no information about cart.general
17:12 Ellis R: No need to apologize!
17:14 Ellis R: Which theme are you using?
17:16 Roki: I am using Launchpad-Star (Non-Responsive).
17:20 Ellis R: Ok! Thanks - I'll see if this is maybe something my Theme Support team can look into for us.
17:20 Ellis R: So the cart quantity doesn't update at all when something new is added to it?
17:23 Roki: Yes, it is not updated at all. cart.general.update is used as follows. Is this a notation that is no longer used now?
17:24 Roki: (略)
17:25 Ellis R: Yeah it could perhaps be that the theme is an older version. I'll have my team look into it for us
17:26 Roki: I am grateful for your cooperation.
17:31 Ellis R: Reached out to my team now, it should only be a moment until we hear back if this is something we can look into. Our team can often look into these themes, but if it's too custom it wouldn't be something we can support - so they'll need to check first.
17:33 Roki: Ok, I am grateful for your great effort and support.
17:33 Ellis R: My pleasure, they're looking into it now for us
17:38 Ellis R: Thanks for your patience! Shouldn't be much longer.
17:42 Ellis R: So my team tried to quickly fix it for us, but it didnt seem to work. They've requested that I escalate this to them and they can dig in deeper to try and get it fixed for us.
17:42 Ellis R: So what I will do is email you directly after chat, that way you have a line of contact back to me in the meantime. They I will pass it up to my team.
17:43 Roki: As a supplemental explanation, the original problem is that the quantity of cart is not changed on the following page. 略
17:43 Roki: I'm sorry for the late reply
17:45 Roki: I have understood the matter described in your last message.
17:45 Ellis R: No problem! So my team says that we can look into it further for you. I will gather this information and pass it along to them. Once they've found some more information they will reach out to you directly. :)
17:47 Roki: Okay, Thank you for your cooperation.
17:47 Ellis R: I'll be in touch! Take care